Monday, December 5, 2011

Merry Christmas!

May God bring you peace, joy, and love this season. Let him restore you if you need that, too!

Friday, September 9, 2011

What's been going on

oh how the days go by. it's already september and, thank the Lord, we've had some cooler days.
I want to praise God for His peace in my life. I've been anxious lately - mostly about things that i make up in my head. I've been having lower back pain that goes into my leg after running. I've had similar hip pain after running before, but nothing that has stayed as long as this. Here is where my anxiousness shows itself: I worry that this pain is caused by a tumor or some sort of fatal illness (namely cancer). It's a consuming worry, and I hate it. Troy reminded me tonight to take captive every thought.

the past few months have been both wonderful and difficult. i think i'm still dealing with all that happened to troy and me. we haven't told a ton of people, but we miscarried this summer. it began while we were in Costa Rica on a really great missions trip. God had his hand in surrounding us with love and support.

when we found out we were expecting i bawled my eyes out; i did the same when the miscarriage began. it's something i've always been afraid of, but never thought would happen to me. and now i think that's why my fears of other things (ie. cancer) seem like such a big possibilty. to say the least, it's been an emotional rollercoaster. i've been both brokenhearted and happy, scared and calm, questioning and thankful. in spite of everything, God is so good (all the time, all the time God is good). i want to remember his presence in my life, i need to remember it.

i have an appointment with the chiropractor this monday. hopefully the running/back pain issue can be unfolded and sorted out there. :)

finally, i don't mean to write all this for anyone to feel overly sympathetic for me. it's more therapy - it feels good to write it down and get it out.

i hope you are doing well. tell me about it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


The school year has come to a close, and I am so delighted to have some time off from work. hip hip hurrah! I found out this morning that i may be transferring schools next year - to a larger full-on elementary. Right now i'm a teacher's assistant in a montessori classroom, so really I'll be following the teacher I work with. The district is trying to put all their montessori classes in one school building which is good for the montessori program.

This summer holds plenty of good things, too: travel, free-time, cleaning, cooking, walking. I praise the Lord for that.

Friday, April 29, 2011

The funnies

Did you know that there is a 'world's funniest joke' wikipedia article? I always thought humor was pretty relative, but i guess if enough people voted on the same funniest joke, that would be it.. right? nah..

I must admit, though, the top UK joke in the article is quite a winner!! Enjoy:

A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The bus driver says: "That's the ugliest baby that I've ever seen. Ugh!" The woman goes to the rear of the bus and sits down, fuming. She says to a man next to her: "The driver just insulted me!" The man says: "You go right up there and tell him off – go ahead, I'll hold your monkey for you."

haha! what are some funny jokes you've come across recently? :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

post spring break

Last week was glorious; it was spring break. My job is not difficult, but when vacation rolls around, i wish to be a stay-at-home wife. That's just it, though, stay-at-home-wife. not mother. and right now I certainly can't justify not working. But God has blessed me with a job that follows the school schedule - so, i guess, I'm what they call a ...summer-stay-at-home-wife... and, by golly george, I'll take it!

My spring break started the saturday before last with a morning mud run hosted by MUSC in Columbia. Troy, my sister, Beth, her husband, Steve, and I were a team. It took us alittle less than 2 hours to finish the 5 mile - 32 obstacle course. Obstacles were things like - climb the wall, crawl under the logs, run the dirt hills, shimmy across the rope, and such. On one of my favorite obstacles, we had to run up two dirt mounds, jump into water from the second, swim across, and climb out. On my least favorite obstacle, we had to wade through chest high sludge; it was probably the grossest thing i've ever done. I struggled between breathing through my nose (it was stinky) and breathing through my mouth (what if the sludge got inside?).

Lots happened after the commencing mud run. We had some friends over for dinner, I visited my sister again in Columbia and my dear friend, Amy, in Greenville, I spent time with another good friend, Anna. We celebrated Easter at a huge family potluck, and ended the break by watching The King's Speech late Sunday night. Good movie, I thought.. as did most of America.. In highschool, my friends and I had a crush on the Pride and Prejudice Colin Firth. Funny, huh? But, wait, who didn't find Mark Darcy endearing? Have you read Bridget Jones' Diary? :)

It's back to work now. Five and a half more weeks until the summer. Not bad. not bad, indeed :)

Oh, also, I finally chanced papermaking. It turned out okay, but definately needs improvement. Next time I'll use a lighter colored fiber as the pulp base and find a better way to flatten the paper sheets while drying. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So, i have definately not been posting weekly blogs...
nor have i been stretching everyday.

what i have been doing:
going to the y (woooo!)
reading harry potter 5
watching the first season of scrubs/buying the scrubs series so to watch it all!
helping out with wednesday night youth :)

i'm interested in making home-made paper. my friend, amy, gave me the idea. and now i have the gumption. i actually ordered a book about it online. so, now i'm waiting for it to arrive before i go off to gather what materials i'll need. wish me luck. i'll let you know how the first attempt goes.

what new thing have you taken on recently. what ideas have you been thinking

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i declare

okay, it's been a long, long, long time since i've blogged anything... my life has changed quite abit from last september.. well, really, there's been one really big change: troy and i are now married... :) which is..... soo nice - great, wonderful, loads of fun!

i like how even though i still have the same job, same clothes, same insatiable (sp.?) relationship with coffee, time is different, now -it's mostly, wonderfully- automatically spent with a friend. my closest friend, my pfl (partner-for-life). haha - um, really though. :) (have you seen modern family? the pfl is a sort-of-reference to phunny phil..)

i've always liked a bit of time to myself, though. i think i need it to function properly. and this is what i'm doing right now. typing alone in starbucks while troy begins his new job - translating for a law firm. kuddos to troy - he's really great with languages. something i really admire about him... :)

on to a completely different topic, it's a new year, and i made one resolution: to stretch every day. i'm afraid that my body is already waning at the age of 25. that just will not do. so, hopefully this is something i'll stick with - it's simple enough, yes?.. it would be fun to continue blogging once a week, also. i'm not making any promises, but that's something i'd like myself to do. . i like reading other people's blogs..we don't have internet at our house, right now, so it will be a nice excuse to go for a cup of coffee or such.